It starts out all fun and games

As a kid, sports always starts out as just a game. As a kid, you are just out there to have fun. yeah some kids play to win, but that is usually the cause of parents pushing them to win. Besides that, a kid is out there to make friends and have fun with them. They are more worried about just being apart of a team, than their team being called winner or champions.

It is really the parents that make it tough on the kids. Forcing kids to try to meet goals that they may not quite be ready for. They forget that for a kid, it is all about learning and improving. They parents interest in their kids team winning and their kid looking like a star. That is a big issue in today’s youth sport. The fun is being taken out of the sport for the kids, and forcing to be great at the sport or do not play at all.

The youth years of a person who enjoys sport, is the years for a person to fall in love with the game he or she plays. This a time period to grasp the concepts the game. To allow them to get use to playing apart of a team and learn teamwork.  A kid should never feel pressure of having to the absolute best player out there. Yeah you want them to give it their all, but their is a difference in wanting a kid to give their best effort and wanting a kid to be the best and forcing them to be perfect.

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